Liquid Control has provided well-regarded, robust and accurate XYZ dispensing platforms to the medical products industry for more than ten years. However, shifts in end user expectations, combined with advances in software, motion control design and components, led Liquid Control to develop a new XYZ Cartesian Platform from the ground up. This major project was guided by the results of a large-scale survey of existing and prospective Liquid Control customers. The C-500 XYZ automation platform is designed for applications such as gasketing, sealing, bonding, encapsulation, filling and other automated dispensing needs. Offered with a 20x20 in. envelope, servo motor drive and +/- .001 repeatability, the Windows-based software makes programming simple and fast, even for inexperienced programmers. A flat-touch screen panel and industrial PC are standard features. "The C500 is very robust and precise," adds product manager Fabio Okada. "It maintains constant speed through steep curves with small radii, and produces a uniform bead with a nearly indistinguishable knit line on liquid gaskets."

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