Bogard Lagman, executive vice president of Charles Ross and Son Co., has announced the introduction of a new version of the company's Double Planetary Mixer. The new model is designated as the "DPM-R" and is available in many sizes up to 750 gal working capacity. The DPM-R is typically used for the vacuum mixing of high-viscosity materials. This model incorporates a reverse hydraulic lift to enable convenient discharge from the raised mixing position. This also allows for the permanent connection of vacuum and feed lines to the fixed-position vacuum hood. The Double Planetary Mixer contains two helical mixing blades that revolve on their own axes, as well as on a common axis. The mix pattern ensures that all materials in the vessel are intermixed within a few minutes. Many optional features are available, including three separate mix blade designs, jackets for heating or cooling, variable speed drives, sanitary construction and discharge systems to assist in the unloading of highly viscous materials.

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