Use of on-pack promotions continues to grow as an effective means of providing consumers added value. There is a broad range of uses for on-pack promotions, from wet wipes on diaper bags to CDs riding on cereal boxes. Attachment methods typically include shrink wrapping, hot melt glue or double-sided tape. All of these methods can be cumbersome for both the manufacturer and the consumer. It can also be a messy experience if exposed or loose adhesive is left after separation.

Avery Dennison’s Pack-On-Pack Tape allows attachment of two packages for promotional or bundling purposes and can be easily separated by the consumer with no exposed adhesive on either of the components of the package. (Exposed adhesives have caused contamination, storage and safety problems.) The simple, patent-pending system consists of a self-wound, pressure sensitive adhesive tape with perforations that are folded over during application, allowing the construction to split at the perforations when the packages are separated.

The unique design can replace shrink wrapping, double-coated tapes, hot melt glue and many other attachment systems for an endless variety of applications where temporary attachment of two items is needed for promotional or other purposes. The aggressive, rubber-based adhesive and conformable poly-film face stock provide a very strong bond to a variety of packaging materials, including most shrink and flow wrap films.

Added Advantages

As an advantage to the packager, the clear film allows promotional or other important information to be read after separation, so there is no need to redesign package graphics. The efficient, self-wound design eliminates release liners (an added component cost) that must be discarded. Since the two halves cannot be reattached, this system also provides a built-in tamper-evident feature. Custom printing is available for product branding, company identification, or any other information or instructions that may be required.

The self-wound tape requires a compatible dispensing system, which can be provided by Avery Dennison. Pack-On-Pack automatic application systems can be designed as a stand-alone unit or as a “bolt on” to a current manufacturing system. Avery Dennison collaborates directly with the engineering staff at the installation facility to understand needs, timing and cost parameters. Its technical team also provides consultative support should customers choose to design and install their own equipment.

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