Emerson Bearing, Brighton, MA, has announced a new "Bearing Detective" service designed to help customers find the perfect bearing required. Even when customers can no longer read the numbers on an old bearing, Emerson's Bearing Detective asks all the right questions online, enabling specialists to track down the correct bearing. "The Bearing Detective is one more way we share our expertise with the customer," says Steve Katz, CEO of Emerson Bearing. "Even when the client doesn't know which bearing is suitable, Emerson specialists can help by analyzing the notes from the Bearing Detective. The Detective asks questions regarding the size, style, mounting and features of the bearing." With most bearings on the shelf ready to be shipped, from tiny six mm gyroscopic bearings to enormous fifteen-foot wide tunnel-boring bearings, Emerson Bearing's singular focus on stocking ball and roller bearings has made them experts in the field.

For more information, visit http://www.emersonbearing.com .