A new adhesive tracking system (ATS) retrofit kit available from this company reportedly makes it easy to add flow measurement capabilities to any Nordson packaging melter. The kit allows users to measure adhesive usage in real time and receive an alert when the dispensed amount of adhesive goes outside of a pre-determined tolerance band.

The tracking system uses a precision gear flow meter. As the adhesive flows through the system, the ATS sensors track the rotating gears and sends that information back to the control box. The gears directly measure adhesive volume and alerts the system when the amount of adhesive per product is outside of a tolerance band set by the user. An output signal can also be customized to stop the line, eject product or signal a light tower when a product does not meet the pre-determined standards. A USB port on the control box allows historical data to be downloaded and analyzed.

For more information, visit www.nordsonadhesive.com.