Nordson Corp. has developed modular adhesive system consoles to deliver portability and flexibility to Nordson hot-melt and liquid adhesive systems. Starting from two or three basic platforms, manufacturers choose from a wide variety of options to produce consoles tailored to their adhesive equipment. While designed specifically to establish a worldwide folding carton industry standard, Nordson adhesive system consoles have evolved into a solution for a wide range of industries and applications.

A basic base can be customized to accommodate Nordson equipment, including pumps, melters, guns and wire harnesses. Customer options include: adjustable feet or casters; fixed or pivotable control mounting; and short or long arms.

Nordson adhesive consoles can be specific to hot-melt or cold adhesive systems or a combination of both. Specific Nordson equipment supported by the consoles includes EPC-30 and LogiComm®pattern controls, as well as ProBlu®, tabletop DuraBlue®and AltaBlueTMTT melters.

The adhesive consoles can easily be repositioned on a production line, shared between lines or moved away from the production area altogether if needed. The modular nature allows adaptation as adhesive equipment or production lines change.

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