Devcon's new Dev-Thane 5 urethane adhesive is specially designed for primerless bonding of rubber or metal to glass, concrete, or wood. It is also excellent for bonding EPS to foam, foam to ABS, and aluminum to aluminum. It cures at room temperature to a tough yet exceptionally flexible bond (maximum elongation 200% per ASTM D412) with a hardness of 63 Shore D (ASTM D2240). When mixed, Dev-Thane 5 two-part adhesive becomes a thixotropic paste with a pot life of 5 minutes. One pound covers 94 square inches at a thickness of ¼ inch. Its 100% solids formulation produces no VOC emissions. Fixture time is 15 minutes with functional cure in 3 hours. When cured, Dev-Thane 5 has a tensile strength of 2100 psi and a tear resistance of 400 pli (ASTM D624) and withstands service temperatures up to 180 degrees F (120 degrees F wet).

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