Hysol® QMI538NB non-conductive die attach adhesive is a PTFE-filled paste with low viscosity and reduced resin bleed (even on open channels) designed specifically for use with SCSPs or other stacked packages. This product's unique formulation was developed to provide hydrophobic properties while also delivering stability at extremely high-temperatures with no material deterioration. Product testing of this material confirms its high reliability and exceptional performance, even after multiple exposures to reflow temperatures up to 260°C, and its low modulus and low stress make it highly resistant to warpage. These characteristics enable Hysol QMI538NB to produce void-free bondlines with excellent adhesion strength to a variety of surfaces, including solder resist, flexible tape, bare silicon, silicon nitride, polyimide and various die passivations. It is PTFE-filled and does not scratch the most delicate die passivations.

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