A silica-filled, low-viscosity, non-conductive die-attach paste, Hysol QM1600 provides a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high modulus to match existing mold compound properties, which enables wirebonds in same-size die-stack packages to survive thermal cycling. The material's high silica loading and low CTE is accompanied by very low shrinkage, thus minimizing warpage during stack up. However, despite its high silica loading, Hysol QM1600 has low viscosity and optimum thixotropy, enabling ease of dispensing and fillet formation during assembly. Designed for applications that require high modulus and low CTE, Hysol QM1600 is particularly well suited for die-to-die bonding in SCSP, BGA, QFN and other packages where die-to-bonding is required. With excellent stability at elevated temperatures and hydrophobic properties, this product produces void-free bond lines with superior adhesion to polyimide, silicone nitride, solder resist, bare silicon, and several other surfaces that may present adhesion challenges for competitive products.

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