ACCUPLACE: Film Adhesive Newsletter

AccuPlace has announced the launch of a new quarterly newsletter for customers and anyone else interested in the film adhesive world. The first issue is available at the AccuPlace website, where visitors can also subscribe to receive future issues. AccuPlace was founded in 1997 with the mission to develop standard solutions to challenging manufacturing applications involving film adhesives. Applications include all die-cuts from labels over filters, seals and double-sided adhesives. With more than 2,000 systems installed worldwide, AccuPlace is well established within the computer and peripherals, mobile communications, medical, and automotive industries.

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HENKEL: Concrete Repair Products

In harsh industrial environments, concrete floors, ramps, stairs and other concrete structures endure constant abuse. To help maintain safety, Henkel Corp. has expanded its line of Loctite® specialty materials for concrete repair and protection to include fast-cure formulations, flexible joint sealants/crack fillers, and chemically resistant materials. With cure times ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours, the families of Loctite Fixmaster® and Loctite Nordbak® concrete repair products offer a variety of mix and application temperatures for use in any environment or season. Products are appropriate for vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces, and are available in a wide variety of compression strengths, chemical resistance properties, and end-use temperatures. Easy-to-use complete kit systems are also available.

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NATIONAL ADHESIVES: Wood Flooring Adhesives Brochure

BONDMASTER® Adhesives for Wood Flooring, a new brochure from National Adhesives, explains how wood flooring manufacturers can cut cycle times, reduce rejects and increase production as much as 45%. In engineered residential flooring, National's cross-linked PVA adhesive technology allows for lower hot-press temperatures and shorter cycle times, which result in less stress and warpage of wood floors. By running lower-temperature presses, manufacturers can minimize rejects, health concerns and energy costs. Moreover, increased production allows customers to improve output 35-45% compared to UF adhesives. In high-pressure laminate flooring, National's quick-setting, reactive hot-melt polyurethanes offer excellent green strength for faster throughput. They adhere to a variety of difficult substrates and, due to their 100% solids content, eliminate bow and warpage. With proven machining and heat stability, these adhesives can be roll coated, extruded or swirl-spray applied. In truck flooring, National's fast-setting RF-curable adhesives provide excellent green strength out of the RF press. Manufacturers can cut cycle times and lower power settings to reduce burning and arcing within the RF unit, while increasing production over melamine 30-40%.

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SARTOMER: UV/EB Technology Product Guide

Sartomer's new product catalog and guide, UV/EB Technology for What's Next, offers technical details on 23 new oligomers and three new monomers that the company recently unveiled. The publication includes a comprehensive matrix with detailed technical data, including performance features like functionality, color, viscosity, density, refractive index, elongation, glass transition temperature (Tg) and more to help formulators select the ideal additive for their applications. The new guide also includes synopses of seven technical presentations presented at the e|5 UV&EB Technology Expo and Conference held April 24-26 in Chicago. Presentation topics include: "New Radiation Curable Polyester Acrylate Oligomers Exhibiting Superior Abrasion-Resistant Properties While Offering a Cost-Effective Alternative to Urethane Acrylate Oligomers," "Raw Materials for Thermoformable UV Inks and Coatings," and "New UV/EB Curable Laminating Oligomers Specially Designed for Transparent Adhesion to Rigid Plastic."

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