DOW AUTOMOTIVE: Long-Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS

Dow Automotive has launched MAGNUM™ Brace, a new long-glass fiber reinforced ABS product targeted for applications such as instrument panels, door modules, tailgate inner structures, air ducts and other structural parts. Compared to long-glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, MAGNUM Brace only requires minimum glass fiber content to achieve superior mechanical performance. A consistent high stiffness over a wide temperature range enables construction of thinner-walled and reduced-weight applications. Its base resin eliminates warpage and it requires no pre-treatment for further processing.

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ROYAL ADHESIVES: Aircraft Sealants

The Hardman® WS8020 line of manganese dioxide-cured polysulfide aircraft sealants has been fully qualified to AMS 8802 and AMS 3276 aircraft fuel tank sealant specifications. AMS 9902- and AMS 3276-qualified aircraft sealants are used on virtually all U.S. manufactured military aircraft. WS 8020 has outstanding resistance to aviation gasoline and jet fuel, as well as resistance to chemicals and petroleum products common to the aircraft industry, and offers excellent flexibility and bond strength to most metal substrates, like aluminum, stainless steel, steel, advanced composites, and many coatings under extremes of temperature, weathering, and stress.

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SCAPA MEDICAL: Fabric Adhesive Tape

SCAPA INTRODUCES NEW FABRIC ADHESIVE TAPE Scapa Medical has introduced Bioflex® Rx1184P-2.4, a durable, heavyweight fabric adhesive tape for direct skin medical device attachment. The product is specifically designed for bandages, insulin infusion sets, ECG electrodes, and TENS. Bioflex Rx1184P-2.4 is composed of a breathable white spunlaced polyester fabric, single-coated with a medical grade acrylic adhesive. The product is supplied with a white 76# polycoated stay-flat release liner that aids in die cutting. The aggressive acrylic adhesive in Rx1184P-2.4 provides good adhesion to the skin for long-term wear, yet removes easily without causing skin trauma. The spunlaced fabric is conformable, lightweight and comfortable. This product is available in widths up to 46 inches and has passed primary skin irritation, cytotoxicity, and skin sensitization product safety testing.

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TECHFILM: Adhesive Film

T2781 is a new thermally conductive, electrically insulating, high-strength adhesive film that provides outstanding thermal performance coupled with excellent adhesion to gold, copper and aluminum. When tested to ASTM E1461 standards, T2781 provided a thermal conductivity value of 2.63 W/M -K. Adhesion to copper and aluminum exceeds 2500 PSI, and gold values exceed 1200 PSI. T2781 will cure in 15 minutes at 165ºC, or, for heat-sensitive applications, it can cure in temperatures as low as 100ºC in 180 minutes. Typical applications include power semiconductor and hybrid circuit substrates to heat sinks, as well as general bonding applications where excellent thermal conductivity is desired. Partially cured, 100%-solid, B-staged adhesives are an alternative to liquid adhesives and solders for highly intricate industrial- and electronic-bonding applications.

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