ASHBY CROSS: Metering/Dispensing System

Ashby Cross has expanded its line of adhesive dispensing equipment to include the GP80 benchtop metering and dispensing system for light-to-medium production.

The benchtop dispensing configuration includes two stainless steel tanks, mechanically coupled gear metering pumps, and a snuff-back, no-drip mix/dispense head. The GP80 features two stainless steel pressure tanks, precision gear metering pumps, adjustable ratio, variable flow rate, and fixed or hand-held mix/dispense valves. An optional digital shot controller provides accurate, repeatable shot size control.

Ideally suited for urethane and epoxy, the system may be configured with the DYNA-STAT®, a dynamic mix dispense head for dispensing foam. With very few moving components, a self-bleeding design, and ease of maintenance and operation, the GP80 offers an exceptional, cost-effective system for dispensing adhesives.

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C.S. HYDE: Acrylic Adhesive Tape

CS Hyde Co. has announced the availability of Killer Red double-sided acrylic adhesive tape. This tape offers a secure bonding result under high-temperature conditions, as well as good resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat. Killer Red also possesses excellent bonding characteristics to low-energy surfaces and substrates, not to mention excellent plasticizer migration resistance.

This product features a temperature range of -22ºF to 356ºF and a thickness of 8 mil. Applications include mounting plates in automotive industry, self-adhering mounting of rubber and EPDM materials, and decorative trim in the furniture industry.

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DYMAX: LED Curing System

This company offers a new handheld LED curing system to its complete line of UV curing spots lamps, flood lamps, conveyors and radiometers. The HH-LED+ uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to generate both UV and visible light (375-415 nm) to provide cool, consistent, low-cost UV curing.

Reduced costs are one of the greatest advantages of the HH-LED+. The HHLED+ costs 75 to 85% less than higher-intensity UV spot lamps and there are no expensive bulbs to replace. The HH-LED+ does not emit IR or other unused wavelengths, and thus provides much cooler UV cures than traditional spot lamps. More consistent cures are possible since there is virtually no reduction in intensity for over 5,000 hours. Instant on/off and integral timer features make the HH-LED+ a very economical and process-friendly UV curing system.

The HHLED+ offers over 350 mW/cm2 of curing power for over 5,000 hours of actual use. A 12 mm lightguide covers a larger curing area than many of the competitive spot lamps on the market (typical lightguide diameters range from 3 to 8 mm). The HH-LED+ is compatible with virtually all DYMAX UV and visible light curing adhesives. The HH-LED+ is ideal for spot curing adhesives in smaller bonding, tacking and ruggedizing applications.

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ENERCON: Carbon Dioxide Plasma

Enercon has announced the addition of Dyne-A-MiteTMIT CO2Plasma to its expanding product line. This new technology provides superior surface treatment to improve adhesion on a wide variety of materials. The use of gas and/or liquid-phase carbon dioxide (CO2) with atmospheric plasma discharge surface pretreatment technology can remove micron and submicron particulates and hydrocarbon-based contaminations on plastics and metals.

The combination of CO2with atmospheric plasma ion bombardment discharges significantly increases the surface tension of base substrates as opposed to the use of “snow” cleaning processes alone. Bonding strength of adhesives is vastly improved with this approach.

Use of this technology is suitable for either initial or final cleaning, and for numerous critical and non-critical cleaning applications in the semiconductor, disk drive, research, aerospace, military, surface science, surface analysis, optical, medical, automotive, analytical instrument, and manufacturing communities.

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Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.’s new product brochure,Meter Mix Dispense Systems for Adhesives, Sealants and Lubricants, is now available by mail and on the company’s website

The new brochure - now in its 40th year edition - has been expanded to six product sections: Principles of Meter Design; Two-Part Meter-Mix Dispensing Systems; One-Part Dispensing Systems; Dispensing Valves for One- and Two-Part Materials; Material Supply Pump and Tank Products; and System Controls and Accessories.

The brochure also describes Sealant Equipment’s integration design capabilities for robotic and automated systems where the company provides robot integration and programming services, dispense system analysis, robot tooling, robot dress-out, and robot or pedestal-mounted dispense valves.

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