HENKEL: Die Attach Films

Henkel has announced the introduction of two new dicing die attach film products, Hysol®QMI5100 and Hysol QMI5200. Designed to streamline the die attach process, particularly for stacked die applications, Hysol QMI5100 and Hysol QMI5200 formulations combine the properties and functions of die attach film and dicing tape into one product.

With these dual-structured materials, one need only to laminate the film to the backside of a wafer, dice the wafer, pick the die and move to die placement. Using these high-performance films essentially removes the need for any dispensing or curing equipment or process steps, as paste dispensing is not required and curing takes place during the standard molding process. The materials leave no burrs after dicing, enable superior bondline thickness control and eliminate the common bleed issues associated with die attach pastes.

Hysol QMI5100 is a 10-micron thick material and is most commonly used on the DAX levels of the die stack. Approved for use on DA1 (the mother die) and/or DAX, Hysol QMI5200 is available in a thickness of 20 microns. While both materials have been successfully employed for a variety of die attach applications, the primary market for Hysol QMI5100 and Hysol QMI5200 is for FLASH and DRAM memory devices.

For more information, visitwww.henkel.com/electronics.

I&J FISNAR: Dispensing Valve

Weighing only 4.8 oz (135 gm), the CV 629 cartridge valve is one of the few valves that can be comfortably held in the hand without stress. Suitable for lubricants, silicones and adhesives, it is ideal for manual operations where an operator needs to apply frequent dispensing deposits.

The valve is also recommended for integration in an automated system, such as an I&J Fisnar Inc. dispensing robot, where the quick-change, one-piece cartridge seal ensures minimal maintenance and reduced down time.

Stroke is adjustable and the valve is recommended for micro shots or fine beads. Maximum fluid pressure is 300 psi, making it suitable for a range of low- to high-viscosity fluids.

For more information, visitwww.ijfisnar.com.

NORCROSS: Viscosity and pH Controller

The Norcross MP2000 Viscosity Controller has 60 settings to accommodate solvent- or water-based products and level control, provides field-selectable on/off or proportion control, and is offered with or without pH control. Featuring a simple user interface, this single-loop controller can be recalibrated while operating, offers two-way mixing to thin, thicken, or add amine, and has RS485 communications.

Capable of displaying in ‘piston time-of-fall’ seconds or other units such as Zahn or Shell Cup seconds or centipoises, the Norcross MP2000 Viscosity Controller is compatible with any Norcross measuring element and pH sensor used in-tank, in-line, and in pressure vessels. Standard features include sealed keypad NEMA-4X enclosure (6.2” x 3.4”), field-selectable control and alarm bandwidth, high- and low-viscosity alarm outputs, and battery backup.

For more information, visitwww.viscosity.com.

NOVACEL: White Plastic Film

This company recently introduced NOVAGUARD®9377, an opaque white plastic film designed to protect automobile bodies and parts against external aggressors (such as acid rain, bird droppings, and tool marks) during assembly, transport, and storage. The film and its packaging can be reclaimed safely. Fully committed to a policy of sustainable development, Novacel has designed NOVAGUARD®9377 on the basis of polyolefins.

As long as it is not soiled during use, this product can be reclaimed through incineration or recycled. In addition, all of the packaging materials and cores can be recycled or re-used. This film is 2.4 mil (60 µm) thick and is available in 656-ft. (200-m) reels, in widths ranging from 1.2 in. (30 mm) to 9 ft. (2,800 mm). It has a nine-month exterior weather resistance.

For more information, visitwww.novacel.fr.

POWER ADHESIVES: Hot-Melt Glue Applicator

The TEC 810TMstick gun’s compact ergonomic design and full hand lever trigger allows for better adhesive flow control. The TEC 810 is ready to use with little wait time, heating up to 380°F in only three minutes. The model also features an illuminated on/off switch and an easy-to-change thermostat that adjusts the gun’s temperature for dispensing various types of hot-melt and low-melt adhesives.

The TEC 810 features an accurate dispensing system. By using a setscrew in the back of the gun, users can regulate the amount and rate of adhesive flow.

Designed for small and large hands, the gun has a narrow profile handle with a soft feel grip and an adjustable trigger stroke to accommodate any hand size. The 810-12 is a 250 watt gun that uses ½” glue sticks, and the 810-15 is a 300 watt gun that uses ⅝” glue sticks. Both models can melt up to 4.4 lbs of glue per hour. The TEC 810 includes a detachable stand that incorporates a nozzle spanner, making it possible to change the nozzle without an additional tool.

For more information, visitwww.poweradhesives.com.

RADTECH: Printer's Web Guide

With the rapidly expanding use of UV/EB technology in the printing and packaging industries, RadTech has just developed an Internet-based educational site for printers. The RadTech Printer's Guide consists of a series of unbiased articles that inform, educate and instruct current and future printers in the use of energy-curable materials and processes.

The guide contains articles on inks, rollers, blankets, curing equipment, radiometry, press set up and best practices. In addition, an on-line EH&S (environmental, health and safety) video provides an overview of the safe use and handling of UV/EB products and processes. The site is intended to present a growing "wiki" environment for the posting of new topics and emerging trends in UV/EB technology.

For more information, visitwww.radtech.org/print.