AAMA: Sealant Document

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has releasedAAMA 800-07, a voluntary specification covering test methods for sealants. The revamped 30-page document, first published in 1992 and titledVoluntary Specifications and Test Methods for Sealants, includes several updates.

This specification is a compilation of standards and test methods for determining the performance of both compounds and tapes used in the manufacture and/or installation of windows, sliding glass doors, and curtain walls. Sealant specifications in this publication include back bedding compounds, back bedding mastic tapes, glazing tapes, narrow joint seam sealers, exterior perimeter sealing compounds, non-drying sealants and expanded cellular glazing tapes.

In addition to various editorial changes, the most significant change is the addition of sections for performance requirements covering slump and extension/compression, and a section on the test method for hardness evaluation.

For more information, visitwww.aamanet.org.

GRACO: Bulk Melt Systems

Graco has redesigned its Therm-O-Flow 20 and 200 bulk melt systems with new technologies, providing quieter operation, better performance, longer service life, and improved process efficiency.

Therm-O-Flow systems feature the new NXTTMAir Motor, Graco’s next generation of air motors, as well as the patented Mega-FloTMplaten, which offers industry-leading melt rates, even with high-viscosity materials.

In addition, this system features EasyKeyTM, a simple, easy-to-use intuitive control that displays actual and set point temperatures, a material totalizer that can be reset to track material usage, and a seven-day automatic startup timer. The system supports self-diagnostics that allow for predictive and preventative maintenance strategies, and includes sensors that signal when drum changes are needed. Therm-O-Flow units are easily integrated with a second Therm-O-Flow for tandem operation.

For more information, visitwww.graco.com.

NORCROSS CORP.: Viscosity Control System

The Norcross In-Line Viscosity and Isolated Temperature Control System features an isolated temperature sensor and a proprietary cooling device (patent pending) that eliminates the need to clean the line and apparatus. Capable of providing <±3°F temperature control between 70° to 110°F, the system can be configured for use with fluids from ½ to 3,000 CPS.

Preventing ink or fluid from touching the cooling element, the Norcross In-Line Viscosity and Isolated Temperature Control System can improve the blending, mixing, and color quality of virtually any fluid. Available with automatic or manual controllers, systems can range from one to 10 stations. Applications include inks, coatings, adhesives, lacquers and varnishes.

For more information, visitwww.viscosity.com.