This company offers a premium additive product applicable for any water-based liquid requiring anti-static properties. The product, StaticonTM450, features a polymeric structure with conductive properties in the liquid state. It provides high efficiency working with adhesives, inks, coatings and water-based liquids.

Staticon 450 allows for rapid static dissipation on machine and a certain level of conductivity in the residual dried surface of the coated substrate. With a pH of approximately 9, the product is suitable for most liquids in the neutral-to-high basic range.

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FLEXCON: Acrylic Adhesive

FLEXcon has introduced its new FLEXmount®V-326 permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. FLEXmount V-326 is designed to bond to a wide variety of substrates in high-temperature assembly applications in various industries. This all-purpose adhesive for high-performance applications also has improved diecutting capabilities. The product was made with a high level of resistance to ooze so that it will not stick to the die. The result improves converting performance, increases line speeds and reduces waste.

FLEXmount V-326 is part of the FLEXmount line of permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives. FLEXmount V-326 was originally produced to bond to PORON urethane foams (PORON is a trademark of Rogers Corp.) and is often used in cell phone, automotive, and aerospace applications. It is ideal for bonding to metals as well as low-surface-energy and high-surface-energy plastics.

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I&J FISNAR: Gantry Robot

I&J Fisnar gantry robots are heavy-duty machines ideal for integrating with two-part fluid metering and mixing systems. The I&J9000 series of machines are Cartesian gantry designs selected for a conveyor-fed process or for when it is desirable that the robot movement take place above the work, such as in a spray application.

A remote meter and mixing head unit can be mounted on the robot’s Z-axis arm, which is capable of carrying up to 7Kgms running at 1000mm/sec.

I&J Fisnar gantry robots store up to 100 programs of 3000 points per program. Repeatability of 20 microns and resolution of 10 microns make the I&J9000 suitable for very fine dispensing operations in addition to larger applications of up to 800mm x 600mm (larger on request).

Gantry robots are available in several sizes to suit most any dispensing requirement, and are available with a range of dispensing accessories. They are easy to program using I&J Fisnar dispensing software, and a no-charge video trial service is available to help evaluate processes.

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A cold-applied, 100% silicone, RapidStrength sealant can provide many advantages over other glazing technologies, helping to reduce production times and increase productivity at manufacturing facilities.

RapidStrength sealant’s fast green strength helps enable manufacturing facilities to reduce costs through increased throughput with less inventory handling, work in process, breakage and field service. While many products currently available in the market can take from six hours to 21 days to gain strength, RapidStrength sealant typically develops sufficient elastomeric and adhesive strength within 8-15 minutes of mixing and applying to permit movement and handling of sash subassemblies without glass slippage.

RapidStrength sealant normally builds to near maximum strength in 60-90 minutes, resulting in increased productivity and decreased production costs. In addition, the improved quality of the windows or window wall applications results in higher customer satisfaction.

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