CHARLES ROSS AND SON CO.: Double Planetary Mixers

This company has announced the introduction of a new model of its Double Planetary Mixer (DPM). Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 pint to 750 gallons of working capacity, the DPM is typically used for the vacuum mixing of high-viscosity materials up to approximately 8 million cps.

The Double Planetary Mixer contains two special high-viscosity (HV) mixing blades that revolve on their own axes, as well as on a common axis, within the mix vessel. Optional features include three separate mix blade designs; jackets for heating or cooling; variable speed drives; sanitary construction; and discharge systems to assist in the unloading of highly viscous materials.

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This company, a leader in fluid sealing technology for more than 100 years, has announced its Extreme Grade line of gaskets for critical service applications. Rated Best in Class for sealability, load retention, adhesion and fire safety, the Extreme Grade line is designed to maximize safety and environmental compliance.

The new gaskets seal 20% more effectively than the original design to help plants meet emissions standards and increase efficiency. Featuring a new anti-stick coating that prevents the gasket from sticking to flanges, the gaskets cut maintenance costs, reduce flange damage and dramatically cut downtime. Further, the new material expedites gasket removal and installation and reduces outage cycles. In addition, this material cuts more easily and leaves little residue on the cutting surface, making for a cleaner workspace and faster cleanup.

Well-suited for water, steam, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils and gasoline, and able to withstand high pressures and temperatures ranging from -40°F to +650°F, the Extreme Grade line of gaskets is ideal for applications that include the use of bonnet gaskets, split case pump gaskets, manways and handholes, and gear box gaskets.

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