Production of automotive brake or gear systems requires many metal parts to be soldered. For optimal quality, precision and repeatability, an automated and robotic system is needed.


Production of automotive and industrial parts often requires metal parts to be soldered. Not only is soldering paste expensive, but misuse may cause corrosion or premature parts failure. To ensure optimal quality, process stability, cost effectiveness, precision and repeatability, a system is needed; Viscotec offers various solutions.


Building a Solder Paste Dosing System

Many types of equipment are available for assembly applications, which can be tailored to a customer’s needs. ViscoTec offers a modular system that can be configured to meet automotive suppliers’ specifications. For example, the customer could start with the ViscoPro system, a dispenser in combination with motor and control. Next, the process can be extended with a buffering system, such as the ViscoTreat-H, to avoid long production stops. Then, a complete treatment and product-supply-system (ViscoTreat-L) can be added, which comprises a treatment tank with a stirrer and a circulation line that ensures a homogenous paste without settled materials. An evacuation (vacuum) unit could be added to this tank, which would remove air or gas from the paste, resulting in a better product.

A completely modular system allows the customer to build up the process to his or her exact technical requirements.


A Safer Soldering Process

Soldering pastes are often very abrasive and have a high content of solids (metal particles). The ViscoTec dispenser can handle these pastes and provide accurate and repeatable dosing based on the configurations programmed by the user.

Users will also benefit from the ViscoPro/RD dispenser system’s ability to integrate with a robot system, which makes the soldering process safer and more continuous. If there is a change or issue at the product-supply of the soldering paste, the buffering unit can feed the dispenser until soldering paste is added. The ViscoTreat-L features an evacuation tank and a funnel, which allows the product to be continuously stirred, thereby avoiding any settling of the paste. In addition, the setup allows for the degassing of the paste, ensuring better dosing results by way of fewer air bubbles. The ViscoTec stator/rotor technology allows the paste to be continuously pumped from the vacuum tank because the stator/rotor unit is vacuum tight.

The entire process is controlled by level and pressure sensors, and can be integrated into an existing PLC.

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