This company has announced the availability of Multicore HF108, a lead-free, halogen-free solder paste that combines all of the benefits of robust lead-free materials with the advantage of no deliberately added halogen.

Though industry consortia have set some competing standards as to the acceptable levels of halogen, the common benchmark is up to 900 ppm bromine, 900 ppm chlorine and maximum total halogens of 1500 ppm.   Henkel, however, has developed a material that has zero deliberately added halogens, yet has the excellent reflow and stability characteristics normally associated with halogen-containing materials.

Multicore HF108 also has excellent high-speed print capability, a long and stable shelf-life of up to six months when refrigerated or four weeks at room temperature, and a wide process window. Performance is robust and comparable to other Henkel market-leading lead-free formulations, but without any added halogens.

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