Loctite® 3979™ light-cure adhesive is a translucent, non-sagging gel formulation designed to fill moderate gaps without migrating beyond its intended location. The adhesive cures in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light, and fluoresces red for easy on-part detection prior to or following cure.

According to the company, the adhesive offers high adhesion (up to 3,500 psi) on plastic, metal and glass substrates, and is ideal for use on parts that feature inherent blue fluorescing agents,. This single-component, gel viscosity adhesive offers excellent performance on vertical or porous surfaces as it will not drip, run, or migrate. Curing to depths greater than 0.25 in., 3979 is ISO-10993 biocompatible and can be used for bonding or sealing a range of medical devices, including medical tubing and fluid/respiratory devices.

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