The new Terostat 301 sealant is reportedly suitable for use in refrigeration equipment. In these applications, the first heat-conductive butyl sealant from this company can replace heat-conductive pastes to improve heat exchange between the inner housing and the heat exchanger.

The product has a heat conductivity rating of approx. 0.8 W/mK, and can also provide durable fixing of the coils to the refrigerator housing-unlike heat-conductive pasts, which require an extra step to fix the coils using adhesive tapes or screw-fasteners. Terostat 301 is highly tacky and adheres to nearly all materials. For processing, the product is heated to 120-140°C and can then be applied automatically at high speed.

The sealant develops its full performance characteristics directly after application and requires no curing time. The sealant can also be used in sanitary applications or heating systems, where it can improve the heat transfer to thermostats or sensors.

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