Penford Products, a division of Penford Corp. and a leading global supplier of specialty bio-products for use in industrial applications including coatings, adhesivesElmer's Glue and polymers, has announced its support behind the launch of a natural school glue jointly developed with Elmer’s Products Inc. The natural glue, marketed as Elmer’s School Glue Naturals™, uses Penford’s proprietary PenFlex™ technology.

Elmer’s pourable School Glue Naturals reportedly comprises 99% natural ingredients and is made from renewable plant-based resources. The adhesive is safe, non-toxic and washable, and was designed to apply and dry clear to meet parents’ and teachers’ needs for school products. 

“Through our third-party consumer and industry research, we understood that eco-conscious parents and teachers prefer more natural alternatives to traditional school supplies,” said Lisa Singer, senior product manager for the Elmer’s Stationery category. “We are proud to satisfy this demand with the first and only natural school glue, and are appreciative of the support and technology Penford Corp. provided.”

“Our work with Elmer’s exemplifies our approach to partnering with customers to deliver product innovations that are aligned with growing consumer interest in natural and renewable products that also support our customers’ sustainability initiatives,” said Tom Malkoski, CEO of Penford Corp.

Penford’s PenFlex process is a platform technology that converts starch into a variety of naturally derived products designed to replace synthetic, petroleum-derived materials. The naturally derived products produced with the PenFlex process can displace synthetic materials in a variety of applications, including adhesives, paper coatings and paints.

About Penford Products

Penford Products, founded in 1895, is a division of Penford Corp. Penford Products is a leading global supplier of specialty bio-products for use in a variety of industrial applications, including coatings, adhesives and polymers. Penford Products is focused on developing sustainable technologies and applications to replace petroleum-derived materials with cost-effective, naturally derived substitutes that perform equal to or better than synthetics. For more information, visit

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 Elmer’s Products Inc. produces a variety of well-known adhesives, arts and crafts, educational, and office products for use at home, school or business. Elmer’s branded products are developed to provide project solutions and to inspire people to create, build and learn for life. Elmer’s also markets Instant Krazy Glue® and X-ACTO® cutting blades, knives, and office supply products. For more information, visit