A new laboratory high-viscosity disperser is now available, featuring interchangeable bow-tie and paddle blades driven by a 2-HP, explosion-proof, VFD-capable motor.Ross High Viscosity Disperser Suitable for use with standard 5-gal pails, the equipment can reportedly offer thorough blending of fluids with very different viscosities, quickly re-suspending dense solids that have settled during transport or storage, preparing thick paste-like formulations, and other similar applications.

The disperser model PBA-2 is offered with either an electro-mechanical lift or an air/oil hydraulic lift. Both options reportedly allow the operator to easily raise and lower the mixing blades during or in between batches. All wetted parts are stainless steel 304, as well as the shaft guard and adjustable can lock.

In lieu of 5-gal pails, Ross-supplied vacuum-rated stainless steel mix vessels may also be used with the PBA-2. Sight/charge ports on the vessel cover, heating/cooling jacket, discharge valve, mixer bench and other features are available as options. Larger capacity models of the disperser are offered for standard 55-gal drums and other vessel sizes up to 500 gal.

For additional information, visit www.mixers.com.