Scott Bader recently announced it has received the Composites UK 2013 Innovation in Materials industry award for its Crestabond® MMA structural adhesives range. The awards were organized by the Composite UK trade association to recognize UK innovations in manufacturing, materials and design, as well as to recognize outstanding support in employment, training, health and safety, and environmental initiatives.

“We are absolutely delighted and feel very honored that our Crestabond MMA structural adhesives range, with its unique urethane acrylate/MMA adhesive technology, has been selected by the judging panel for the Innovations in Materials award this year,” said Jon Stowell, Adhesives Global Business manager for the Scott Bader Advanced Materials Group. “Based on the successful applications globally developed so far, Scott Bader is confident that Crestabond’s unique combination of performance features and cost-saving productivity benefits will open up many more new bonding applications for composites, especially in conjunction with metals and other engineering materials.” 

Scott Bader submitted a case study to the Composites UK awards panel to demonstrate the successful use of Crestabond in applications specified by New World Doors Ltd. By switching to Crestabond, New World Doors has reportedly allowed for significant cycle time reductions (25%) and cost savings while improving build quality. The company uses Crestabond M1-05 in the production process and build specification for its range of interior and exterior UPVC/GRP composite doors and windows. Crestabond reportedly enables the bonding of various UPVC and GRP sections with minimal surface preparation, while also allowing New World to use only a single adhesive throughout the whole assembly process.

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