This company’s Electronics Group has formulated a series of novel thermal absorbent films. The Loctite TAF portfolio of materials can reportedly lower the CPU and skin temperature of popular handheld devices, enabling improved performance, user comfort and product-design latitude. 

Handheld device manufacturers strive for a skin (external housing) temperature—generally driven by the CPU heat output—of 40°C (104°F) or less. Conventional thermal management solutions such as heat spreaders, heat sinks and graphite films have traditionally been used, but with product dimensions becoming tighter, these solutions are often too large, thick or brittle for today’s handhelds. These new films reportedly resolve these challenges, delivering a thermal solution that has been proven to lower CPU and skin temperature of handhelds by more than 3°C (approximately 5°F). The patent-pending materials can offer a unique approach to heat management through their ability to absorb, spread, insulate and dissipate thermal energy generated by ICs.

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