The FlexTRAK-S™ large-capacity plasma system for advanced semiconductor and electronic packaging is now available. The 5.5-liter plasma chamber reportedly has a high-power RF generator and better vacuum conductance, allowing the FlexTRAK-S to perform with the same consistent plasma treatment uniformity, efficiency, and short cycle times as the smaller version. Using plasma prior to bonding, molding or marking reportedly delivers cleaner surfaces for these electronics production processes.

The FlexTRAK-S is a configurable, high-throughput plasma system. Its universal architecture, which remains the same even if elongated, can accommodate twice as many substrates and a multitude of material handling configurations to support an assortment of variable-size form factors, including boats, carriers, Jedec/Auer® boats, strips, and laminates. Depending on throughput and product form requirements, the system can be configured for magazine-to-magazine processing of single and multiple strips or lead frames, reel-to-reel, and as a standalone for island-based production environments.

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