Question: What are the best products for filling the seams after assembling acrylic countertops?

Answer: Reactive acrylic adhesives are the product of choice for this application; they cure rapidly with no solvent emissions or byproducts. Reactive acrylic adhesives vary from surface-activated flexible adhesives to rigid two-component adhesives. The rigid adhesives are suitable for this application, and usually involve a thickened adhesive based on methyl methacrylate monomer activated with a peroxide initiator. Systems are available with varying cure times and in different colors.


Question: We have some pinhole leaks in an old fire sprinkler system. Can you recommend a sealant that will stop the leaks to buy us more time before we have to replace the entire system?

Answer: Externally applied epoxy adhesives have often been used to address this issue. However, the modern solution is to use a two-part epoxy system that is mixed, blown into the pipes, and then forms a continuous coating on the inside of the pipes. Not only does this seal the pinhole leaks, it also protects against future corrosion of the pipes and subsequent new pinhole leaks.

Such a system often will give several years’ service before the pipe need to be replaced—and is much more cost effective than pipe replacement. The system involves drying the pipes with heated compressed air and then abrading the surface to ensure good adhesion, followed by blowing the mixed epoxy into the pipes. Large cities like Los Angeles have approved such a system as part of their plumbing programs.

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