Duet™ variable dispense applicators can reportedly help improve product quality and performance of nonwoven disposable hygiene products. The patented, dual-module applicators reportedly deliver different add-on weights at the ends of an elastic strand than in the middle. This variable add-on produces the high bond strengths needed to secure the ends of elastic to a nonwoven garment while helping retain retractive forces in the center of the elastic strand. Applications include elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waistbands on disposable nonwovens such as infant diapers, training pants, and adult incontinence products.

Duet applicators provide complete adhesive coverage of the entire strand in a single pass using two independently fed, independently cycling Speed-Coat® modules to optimize adhesive use and deliver excellent cutoff. The lighter add-on weight in the center of the elastic strand reportedly provides a stabilizing bond while supporting high-performance elastic features. Meanwhile, heavier add-on weights at the ends of the elastic securely bond the elastic strand to the product to provide durability in use.

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