Dow Corning® EI-1184 clear encapsulant is intended for demanding outdoor LED lighting applications. Featuring high transparency and weatherability, the two-part silicone encapsulant reportedly delivers reliable, long-lasting protection of sensitive LED electronics in environments containing moisture, ultraviolet light, thermal cycling, and extreme temperatures for both indoor and outdoor lamp and luminaire applications.

“EI-1184 encapsulant is the latest addition to our broad and growing portfolio of advanced silicone solutions for the secondary optics market, delivering on our commitment to provide reliable protection and enhanced overall optical performance for LED lighting customers worldwide,” said Rick Ho, North American marketing manager. “Clear enough for use in the light path, our new encapsulant won’t crack or yellow over the expected lifetime of the device and is suitable for applications that require strong protection from harsh environmental conditions, such as architectural and landscape lighting, light bars, and strips.”

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