In 1915, International Exposition Co.’s inaugural Chem Show in New York City aimed to stimulate pharmaceutical, dye and organic chemical manufacturing in the U.S. Over the last 100 years, the Chem Show’s focus has shifted toward showcasing the industry’s best practices and latest technological advances, while providing a valuable learning experience for all participants. The 2015 Chem Show’s exhibits will reportedly highlight the importance of everything from electronics and wastewater management to the latest practices in sustainability.

At the upcoming show, approximately 10% of exhibitors’ business focus will be waste treatment practices. Featured innovations in this category include a filter press tool that is used to dewater sludge from purification plants for chemical and pharmaceutical processes. While filter presses are among the oldest machine-driven dewatering devices, this particular technology is able to dewater notably larger volumes of sludge than past models.

As one of the most substantial shifts over the past century, the chemical processing industry’s (CPI) focus on improving energy efficiency and sustainability will reportedly be seen across numerous 2015 Chem Show exhibits, such as clarification technologies for filtration. These technologies provide new and creative solutions for process filtration, while addressing energy consumption issues typically associated with malfunctioning or sluggish machines.

With a century’s worth of history in highlighting CPI advancement and evolution, the Chem Show’s foundational goals remain the same—to provide a valuable exhibition experience at which today’s CPI engineers, plant managers, and related professionals can immerse themselves among the trends, technology, and resources advancing the industry’s production quality, efficiency, and economic viability.

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