This company has recently released gap filler 3500LV, which reportedly can deliver high thermal conductivity and low volatility for reduced outgassing.

“The realities of miniaturization have put new demands on thermal management requirements,” said Lonnie Helgeson, product manager. “Today’s designs are so small and intricate that providing adequate material coverage for thermal control is challenging. The use of a liquid material that can fill tiny gaps and flow around complex architectures is critical to ensuring product functionality and reliability.”

The two-part material reportedly cures at room temperature, with the option of accelerated curing through the addition of heat. While it can deliver high thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/m-K and the mechanical property benefits of a silicone, it does so with minimal outgassing. As compared to competitive materials that provide higher volatiles variability, this gap filler’s low volatile content is reportedly tightly controlled lot to lot, allowing outgassing to be kept to a minimum.

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