H.B. Fuller recently announced it has received a Best Innovator China 2015 Award in the Innovating through Chinese M&A category. This award reportedly recognizes H.B. Fuller for its work to fast-track engineering adhesives innovation in the automotive, electronics, solar, wind, MRO, appliance and heavy machinery markets from China to the rest of the world. It follows the company’s acquisition of TONSAN Adhesive Inc. in 2015.

With TONSAN, H.B. Fuller is reportedly helping manufacturers unlock new design possibilities and gain access to global channels. 

“For nearly 130 years, H.B. Fuller has been partnering with customers to innovate and solve some of the world’s biggest adhesion challenges,” said Pat Trippel, senior vice president. “With the addition of TONSAN, a leading Chinese engineering adhesive innovator, we are committed to leveraging our global reach, technical expertise and market knowledge to support our growth around the world. Working together, we will respond to changing market demands, develop breakthrough adhesive technology and improve customers’ product performance.”

Since 2003, A.T. Kearney has conducted the Best Innovator program in more than 15 countries around the world, and 2015 marks its second year in China. The award program aims to increase the innovativeness of participating companies through better understanding and sharing of innovation best practices.

For more information, visit www.hbfuller.com.