Although their applications are diametrically opposed, the two new pressure-sensitive adhesives share the same acrylic emulsion base chemistry. Aroset APS 1295 is a coater-ready adhesive for permanent applications, while Aroset 2570 adhesive is designed for temporary applications.

Aroset APS 1295 acrylate emulsion can deliver high performance with a more environmentally compatible profile than the solvent-based adhesives typically used in permanent tape applications. It reportedly provides good adhesion to variety of surfaces and high cohesion, so it performs admirably in tapes used in building and construction, house wrap splice, and industrial assembly. It also can be used in permanent labels and decals, and overlaminating films.

Aroset 2570 PSA reportedly allows tapes, films, and paper-based materials to be easily removed or repositioned, even after long-term aging. It is suited for masking tapes, labels, and graphics. It can also be used in resealable consumer and industrial packaging for wet and dry goods.

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