This company offers double planetary mixers in 4-, 5- and 10- and 25-gal models for pilot-scale production of paste-like materials, highly filled putties, shear-sensitive gels, granulations, and dense powder blends. These mixers can also be used for vacuum drying of heat-sensitive applications at relatively low temperatures. Laboratory models start from half-pint size up to 2 gal. Full-scale production models range from 40 to 1,000 gal.

Pictured is a model DPM-4 with high viscosity blades for heavy-duty mixing of viscous materials up to 6 million centipoise. The helical curve and graduated down-thrust cross-section of the blades reportedly prevent product from climbing up into the cover. The stirrers pass through every point in the vessel, promoting thorough mixing as well as uniform temperature by constantly exchanging materials near the vessel’s jacketed sidewalls. Vacuum capability allows users to remove air from the batch before starting the agitators or during the mixing cycle, leading to smooth void-free finished products without the need for additional defoaming or deaeration post-mixing.

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