This company has introduced two new adhesive and sealant products for assembly applications. Its 750 plastic surface adhesive sealant offers adhesion to low-surface-energy plastic substrates that are typically difficult to bond to. HM-2600 silicone assembly sealant is an RTV silicone hot-melt adhesive that offers instant green strength for high-speed assembly.

In testing, 750 reportedly shows adhesion on a variety of substrates. It can be used in a range of temperatures, offers UV resistance and durability, and does not become brittle or crack. HM-2600 offers clarity and tenacious adhesion to many substrates (metals and various plastics including low-surface-energy types), as well as instant green strength to enable high assembly throughput. The new adhesive is suitable for use with XY tables, robots, and other automatic dispensing and assembly methods.

“These materials are engineered to provide appliance manufacturers higher productivity, enhanced design options and cost-in-use savings,” said Gifford Shearer, industrial assembly and maintenance market leader.

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