Huntsman recently announced that its polyurethanes division has received a supplier innovation award from BMW Group for developing a technology that reduces total emissions from the high-performance polyurethane seating foam used in its vehicles. Tony Hankins, president of Huntsman’s Polyurethanes division, accepted the award at a ceremony at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany.

Across the automotive industry there is reportedly a drive to reduce emissions and odor generating impurities from seating foams, to improve passenger comfort and the overall driving experience. Huntsman’s automotive team developed a MDI system, novel polyol and formaldehyde “scavenger” technology. This chemistry reportedly enabled BMW to reduce total emissions from its seating foams by a factor of ten without compromising comfort or quality. Huntsman is the only supplier to meet the BMW Group’s ambitious requirements for molded foams.

“BMW is well known for its exacting performance standards and Huntsman has been a long-term technology partner to the business, assisting in its drive for improved safety, performance, comfort and sustainability,” Hankins said. “We are incredibly proud of this award and the difference that our technology will make to BMW customers worldwide.”

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