TA Instruments recently announced a new series of online practical scientific training webinars focusing on rheological analysis. “A Practical Approach to Rheology” is a four-part program designed for both experienced and new users. The course premieres May 3.

Topics covered in this series include the fundamentals of rheology, methods for analyzing flow characteristics, understanding and measuring viscoelasticity, designing optimal experimental conditions, and tips for presenting great data.

“The feedback we have received from thousands of customers who attended our thermal analysis and microcalorimetry Practical Series Webinars has been outstanding,” said Terry Kelly, president. “Our surveys showed that over 97% of respondents found the course content and format to be valuable, and over 93% would recommend the courses to colleagues. ‘A Practical Approach to Rheology’ will help any scientist get the most out of their investment in any brand of rheometer.”

For more information, visit www.tainstruments.com.