This company plans to feature four specialty products that can enable exceptional performance for pressure-sensitive adhesives at the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council's 2017 Tape Summit, taking place May 15-19 in Las Vegas.

The UV-curable PRO13765 can enable high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) with excellent performance properties. These include enhanced peel strength with balance of tack and shear and excellent adhesion to difficult substrates. It is particularly advantageous for temperature-sensitive substrates. The PRO13801 is a low viscosity PSA formulation, requiring no heat to convert to tapes or labels, and the PRO13812 is a high performance PSA without any tackifier. The PRO13733 can be cured by Electron Beam (EB) peroxide or thermal methods and enables adhesives with exceptional shear strength.

These products are 100% solids systems, which means no solvent or water is needed. The environmentally friendly products reportedly can enable high converting speed.

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