The ChemQuest Group Inc. recently announced that through its exclusive partnership in North America with Fraunhofer IFAM, it will deliver the EWF-European Adhesive Bonder (EAB) course, beginning the week of January 22, 2018, hosted at the ChemQuest Technology Institute in South Boston, Va.

The company is offering an opportunity for European standards training and certification in North America. ChemQuest’s Richard Hartshorn, Ph.D., will serve as the IFAM-certified EAB instructor. He has held management positions in adhesives research and product development for over 30 years.

Beginning with adhesives fundamentals, course participants will become familiarized with the advantages of adhesive bonding over other joining techniques. The integrity of the bonds will be explained using the concept of bonding forces. Participants will learn which types of adhesives are the most important to industry (and why), to include the application-dependent properties for which the adhesive is specified.  Practical assignments will reinforce the correct processes and curing conditions for different adhesives systems.

The EAB course curriculum will reportedly facilitate “hands-on” learning in virtually any product assembly setting, ranging from contract manufacturers using manual assembly methods to the highly automated production lines of multinational OEM manufacturers and tier suppliers. 

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