DELO now offers two adhesives that can be suitable for bonding display frames as well as cover glass and can be used for joining a display panel to a housing. DELO PHOTOBOND LA4860 is a modified urethane polymer that HAS a light-activated curing mechanism with subsequent humidity curing. The adhesive reportedly begins to cure once it is exposed to UV light or visible light, following dispensing, and before joining the components. The actual curing takes place at room temperature after joining, through the ambient air’s humidity.

DELO-PUR SJ9356 is a two-component polyurethane-based adhesive that is free of isocyanates and silicones. After curing at room temperature, it reportedly reaches its initial strength after approximately four hrs. This flexible adhesive can allow for stable and tension-equalizing bonds and seals, even with changing loads. Its flow resistance and wet adhesion makes it suited for sealing larger gaps (> 2 mm) and protecting components from humidity and dust.

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