Dow recently launched DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV adhesive, a next-generation silicone solution for transportation assembly that is capable of room temperature curing at faster speeds while maintaining the performance advantages expected from silicone adhesives. It reportedly bonds at room temperature to traditional metals and plastics used in electronics assembly. The adhesive also reportedly offers low levels of volatile condensable materials to support its use near sensitive electronic components.

“Electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle development is accelerating across the industry, and engineers globally are seeking innovative solutions to meet safety and reliability requirements while achieving more efficient throughput to produce battery packs and ADAS sensor modules such as RADAR, LiDAR and cameras,” said Bruce Hilman, global segment leader for transportation assembly at Dow Performance Silicones. “DOWSIL EA-4700 CV adhesive provides durable adhesion and environmental sealing of substrates used in automotive electronic modules, including aluminum, PBT and PPS. Importantly, this silicone adhesive’s ability to provide faster curing at room temperature enables increased throughput for efficient mass production with less use of energy.”

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