The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council’s annual Tape Summit is the ideal event to provide learning and knowledge-building opportunities to attendees. Scheduled this year for May 13-17 in Baltimore, the event draws nearly 300 pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape professionals, including scientists, professors, and C-level executives, who travel from across the U.S. to hear from other industry professionals.

The Tape Summit offers two unique and powerful educational courses covering all aspects of PSA tape design and manufacturing: “Fundamentals of PSA Tapes” and “Adhesives & Advanced Technology of PSA Tapes.” These classes are suitable for anyone making or selling tape products, as well as scientists and engineers. The courses are taught by dedicated faculty who strive to create an interactive and open atmosphere.

The Tape Summit also features its annual technical seminar, which includes presentations of technical information about PSA tape to a public forum. TECH 42 will provide papers from global academic leaders in pressure-sensitive technology and fundamental science, novel pressure-sensitive raw materials and adhesives, intellectual property considerations of pressure-sensitive tapes, and information on a variety of end-use markets.

New this year to the Tape Summit is the Building & Construction Industry: Markets and Application learning track. This event focuses on PSA tape uses, technologies, innovations, and trends. The track can help building and construction professionals across all internal verticals (including adhesives and sealants specialists) to better understand the variety of PSA tape solutions available that offer greater compatibility with all kinds of building materials. This specific track is intended to address how to use PSA tapes from a building and construction applications standpoint, including addressing the challenges of using PSA tape and how to overcome them, recent innovations that make tape use desirable, and solutions using PSA tape. Presented case studies and non-technical, solution-driven speakers will discuss practical applications, such as tape use for remodeling or decorative applications, tape used for ice/water shielding and moisture/air/noise abatement, tape use for flooring and roofing applications, and more.

As PSA tape becomes more widely used in industries such as building and construction, the sealants industry as a whole benefits. In understanding how to integrate adhesives into other industries and as the Tape Summit expands to include a range of markets and applications, the door opens for more bonding opportunities.

In addition to providing these informative sessions, the Tape Summit includes face-to-face networking opportunities for attendees to meet with customers and suppliers. The main opportunity takes place at the Exhibitor Showcase, which gives attendees the chance to speak with nearly 50 exhibitors about the latest products and innovations. Four of these exhibitors will also participate in the Innovative Poster Session, which provides additional education information about company projects.

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