Bostik recently announced that it was an active participant in the recent CIDPEX 2019 show hosted by CNHPIA at the Wuhan International Expo Center. CIDPEX 2019, the 26th China International Disposable Paper Expo, is reportedly the largest exhibition for the tissue paper and disposable hygiene products industry in the world. With a theme of “We know how. What’s your SUPERPOWER?” regional and global Bostik experts were on-site outlining the company’s solutions for disposable hygiene producers, with particular emphasis on baby care pants and wetness indicator issues.

“Our expertise provides holistic solutions beyond just adhesives,” said Karen Zhang, Global Events and Communications manager for Bostik’s Global Nonwovens Business Unit. “Our baby care pants adhesive solution includes an industry-leading elastic adhesive platform that can support our customers to achieve their superpower, which not only meet the end-consumer’s needs but also improve our customer’s operational efficiency. Bostik’s new wetness indicator solution can provide rapid color change and predictable performance regardless of humidity or core design.”

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