FLEXcon Co., Inc. recently announced that it is the recipient of a portion of the $2.3M Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (M2I2) grant awarded to Carpe Diem Technologies last July. Other sub-recipients include Rothtec Engraving Corp. and the University of Massachusetts.

“We chose FLEXcon as a sub-recipient of the grant because they share our vision of a specialized manufacturing ecosystem,” said John Berg, CEO of Carpe Diem. “By working together collaboratively, we can create a win-win scenario for all parties while spearheading innovative solutions that address specific needs in the flexible electronics market.”

FLEXcon is now in the process of acquiring two pieces of equipment for its development laboratory: a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and a narrow web embossing machine. Working with Carpe Diem and other sub-recipients, the company will collaborate on the production of micro-embossed films to meet unmet and emerging needs in the flexible electronics industry.

“The addition of these two pieces of equipment to our microstructure innovations group will significantly streamline our current process for prototyping and testing new microstructures,” said Bill Sullivan, vice president of FLEXcon’s Performance Products Business Team. “The capabilities they bring will help launch forward our efforts with Carpe Diem and its other partners to bring groundbreaking technologies to market faster than ever before.”

For more information, visit www.flexcon.com. Carpe Diem can be found online at https://carpediemtech.com.