Dow recently announced that it is looking to encourage debate across the industry at K 2019, which will be held October 16-23, 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Inspired by the company’s inclusive new brand platform—Seek Together™—Dow will be inviting customers and partners to explore some of the biggest challenges and questions facing industry and society. 

During the event, Dow reports that it will showcase a wide variety of products while sharing its approach to global issues. Conversations are expected to include the development of a more circular economy and eliminating plastic waste from the environment. The company is reportedly working to create a thought-provoking and engaging experience, including dedicated spaces for discussion. Dow will present case studies and prototype examples across four “domains,” showing how a collaborative approach to materials science can allow us to protect precious goods, build more effectively, move more efficiently, and care more holistically. 

“If we want to create innovative, sustainable solutions to the many challenges our industry and our world is facing right now, everyone across the value chain must collaborate,” said Javier Constante, commercial vice president for Packaging & Specialty Plastics EMEA. “New initiatives are needed to develop a circular economy for plastic. K 2019 is the perfect platform to do this.”

According to Frank Neve, business communications leader for Packaging & Specialty Plastics EMEA, “We’ll have an extensive team of Dow specialists ready and waiting to start a dialogue with visitors about becoming more circular. Over 100 of our prototypes will be on display to inspire discussions and illustrate what’s readily available today, and possible tomorrow. It’s our aim to explore new opportunities and keep the conversation going because we are convinced the circle can—and will be—closed. It’s just a matter of time and collaboration.”

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