MAPEI recently introduced Ultrabond ECO 907, a fast-curing, 100% solids, silane-modified polymer, gun-grade adhesive for basic wood subfloor construction. Designed for use in interior settings, Ultrabond ECO 907 reportedly works to bond most common construction materials, including plywood and lumber framing, engineered and solid wood flooring, carpet tackstrips, and polystyrene insulation boards. 

“This moisture-curing product is also great for repairing wood flooring, installing wood molding and baseboards, bonding wood stair nosings, and attaching tackstrips to concrete subfloors,” said Jeff Johnson, MAPEI’s business marketing manager for Floor Covering Installation Systems. “It will also act as a supplemental bond for wide plank boards when nailing and gluing are required.”

According to MAPEI, Ultrabond ECO 907 is suitable for installation over a variety of substrates, including concrete and cement terrazzo, ceramic tile, cement-based self-leveling underlayments and patching compounds, exterior-grade plywood, and other approved wood underlayments—even properly installed radiant-heating systems.

“One of the great features of this product is its two-hour cure time,” said Johnson. “Simply extrude and go. This product reduces installation time, providing high bond strength and excellent elongation properties in a fast-curing adhesive.”

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