The new epoxy-based Vitralit® UC 6025 adhesive from Panacol reportedly optimizes automated assembly processes. According to the company, the adhesive can be applied and cured quickly due to its accommodating dispensing properties.

Especially designed for the cosmetics industry, Vitralit UC 6025 reportedly has an optimal viscosity for gap-filling applications. The one-component epoxy adhesive is odorless and easy to dispense. Its controllability and fast curing properties make Vitralit UC 6025 suitable for applications requiring high performance.

Vitralit UC 6025 can be cured with UV or visible light in just a few seconds. Once cured, the adhesive has high adhesion to ABS, aluminum, and glass. Panacol reports that these properties and lack of odor make Vitralit UC 6025 ideal for applications in the cosmetics industry. Application examples include bonding lipstick applicators or bottle lids.

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