If you’re anything like me, the onset of fall leaves you feeling a bit bittersweet. I love the cooler weather and the changing foliage here in Ohio, but the turning of the seasons inevitably means that summertime is over. I hope you were able to enjoy some well-earned time off over the summer and are now refreshed and energized—and ready to get back to work!

In this issue of ASI, David S. Youland, director of The ChemQuest Group, details the workhorses of the industry for our annual look at key trends in raw materials and chemicals. As he writes, “Indeed, volatility in raw material pricing or supply availability have resulted in technology resources being shifted from innovation projects to validating alternate vendors or substitute materials during periods of short supply.”

Ethylene, butadiene, and styrene—oh, my! Turn to the “2019 Raw Materials and Chemicals Overview” to learn how these and other key materials are impacting the industry.

Aromatic thermosetting polyesters (ATSPs) could make an impact in the development of rebondable adhesives, particularly for aerospace applications. As you might expect, in-space assembly is typically beset by a number of challenges. How can ATSPs offer a solution? Find out in “Designing Rebondable Structural Adhesives.”

We’re also exploring pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) in this issue. For example, waterborne emulsions have been developed and optimized to enable properties similar to solvent acrylic and radiation-curable PSAs. Synthomer’s Yong Park shares details in “Using Novel Emulsion-Based PSAs in High-Performance Applications.”

5S is a lean concept that promotes organization and continuous improvement. Read “Optimizing 5S with Durable Surface-Safe Labels” to find out how labels can play a vital role in the process.

In this month’s “Tape Talk” column, Michel Merkx, corporate vice president and general manager of American Biltrite Inc., who also serves as president of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), shares some details regarding the council’s focus on building and construction applications. What end-use market does the PSTC plan to explore next?

How did tapes or other adhesives and sealants play a role in your fun- or chore-related plans over this past summer? Did you save the day by sealing a tear in the Slip ’N Slide®? Did you finally have a chance to update the ductwork for your HVAC unit? I’d love to hear about it! Please contact me at (248) 786-1704 or suttons@bnpmedia.com to share your story.