Summer is coming to an end. A lucky few of you are finishing up home renovation projects, while the rest of us are putting them off until next year.

Regardless of how proactive you’ve been this season, the methodology behind these projects is always the sticking point: What’s the best way to attach this ice shield to my roof to prepare for the quickly approaching winter? How should I go about hanging up all of my new vacation photos? Whether you’re a self-declared home improvement guru or a seasoned construction professional, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape is a viable and irreplaceable tool to have at the ready for all projects, both large and small, procrastinated or not.


Building and Construction

Earlier this year, PSTC taught gurus and professionals alike exactly how to get the most out of PSA tape when it officially opened its inaugural Building and Construction Industry: Markets & Applications Track at the 2019 Tape Summit. In its first iteration, the track garnered over 70 registrants and saw the attendance of many more at sessions featuring case studies and panels.

During this track, building and construction contemporaries discussed the practical applications of and barriers to PSA tape, along with recent innovations and solutions that make its use more indispensable now than it has ever been. The successful launch of this track—and this year’s Tape Summit
as a whole—is an achievement that will stick with us and become a driving force in our deployment of even more educational sessions and interactive learning opportunities in the world of alternative sealants.


Jack of All Trades

As it happens, that world is comprised of numerous key industry verticals, all in a position to benefit immensely from the influx of PSA tape in terms of price, efficiency, and even environmental impact. We learned in phases I and II of our “Maximizing Usage of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape in the Construction Vertical” research report, conducted by Brakethrough Research, that PSA tape and its virtually endless practical and efficient uses necessitate further exploration regarding its application in other industries.

Following this natural call to action, we at PSTC are working on developing and delivering an increased number of resources for tape beginners, professionals, and all those who lie between. So where does that take us?


Next Stop: Automotive

Cars and… tape? That’s right. For years, automobile manufacturers have been using PSA tape to achieve what other tools cannot: stress distribution, more aesthetic finishes, and temperature-resistant durability. It almost goes without saying, however, that more education is needed to understand how PSA tape can fully integrate into this industry.

Consequently, PSTC will carry out a soft launch of the Automotive Track at our annual event next year, the historic Tape Summit, to get related professionals up to speed on common issues that can be solved by including tape in their manufacturing processes. Be on the lookout in the coming months for more information on this new track and on how PSA tape continues to remedy some very sticky situations.