BASF recently introduced the new Foamaster® WO 2360 defoamer, which is reportedly compliant with China’s food contact regulation GB 9685-2016 for adhesives, as well as food contact regulations such as Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Title 21, Food Contact Materials Regulation (EC), Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR), and Swiss Ordinance on Food Contact Materials for packaging. China’s National Food Safety Standard GB 9685-2016 governs the use of additives in food contact materials and their products.

According to BASF, the new white oil-based defoamer demonstrates excellent and persistent defoaming efficiency, excellent compatibility across acrylic PSA systems, and good oil-slick resistance during storage for adhesive formulations. When applied in paper coatings, Foamaster WO 2360 also exhibits excellent defoaming efficiency, coupled by good anti-foaming and fast foam break time.

The versatility of Foamaster WO 2360 reportedly makes it applicable for paper coating formulations, barrier coatings, paper, and paperboard applications that require contact with food. This eliminates the need for customers to carry multiple defoamers in their inventories.

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