Michelman recently announced the appointment of Ralph Giammarco as global business development and applications director for its Printing & Packaging market segment. Giammarco reportedly has a rich background and extensive relationships in the industry. He will be responsible for improving the customer experience and expanding the company’s Printing & Packaging business.

“Ralph has worked with Michelman for many years as Vice President and Team Leader of S-One Labels & Packaging LLC, one of the main distributors of our DigiPrime® product portfolio geared for HP Indigo printers, converters, and paper mills,” said Rick Michelman, chief technology officer and executive vice president. “We believe that bringing Ralph’s extensive market and product development skills to Michelman will have major benefits to both companies as well as the overall labels and packaging markets.”

With over 30 years of experience, Giammarco has served in numerous global development roles at Avery Dennison, Tekra, and General Electric, along with leadership and ownership roles at Utopia Digital Technologies and S-One Holdings Corp.

“This is what S-One is all about, we want our team members to make their ideas realities, learn and mentor, and create opportunities,” said Ron Simkins, CEO of S-One Holdings. “I’m confident Ralph will take his strong leadership and innovation mindset to one of our trusted partners, and help expand our opportunities geographically and into new markets. S-One Labels and Packaging LLC has had tremendous growth and success under his vision, and the high-powered team he has built is ready to take the baton and continue to work with Ralph in this new opportunity.”

For more information, visit www.michelman.com.